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Dooky videoknop

DookyBuggyBar banner

The Dooky Buggybar


Dooky BuggyBar fits every buggy with 2 handles.
Thanks to its unique design, Dooky BuggyBar fits every buggy, regardless the brand. It is adjustable in width, and is designed to attach to the frame of your buggy in 2 seconds, regardless the shape of the frame.

BuggyBar 3rondjes                                                   

The problem

Buggy’s with 2 handles are a nightmare to control with 1 hand.
Many buggy’s are equipped with 2 handles. To steer the buggy you must use both hands. Doing this with 1 hand, your buggy will run on all sides. It also takes a lot of strength to keep your buggygoing straight ahead, creating cramp and discomfort in your arm. Because you will always need both hands to steer your buggy, you will never have a hand free for your other child, your phone, a drink, a bag etc.

Dooky BuggyBar

The solution

With the patented Dooky Buggybar you can easily steer your buggy with 1 hand. Dooky BuggyBar creates a bridge between the 2 handles, so you can easily steer your buggy from the middle by only using 1 hand. Now you have your other hand free to hold your other child, your phone, a drink, a bag etc.


Dooky™ BuggyBar Patent Pending. Dooky® and Dooky BuggyBar ® are registered trademarks of Xplorys BV. All rights reserved.