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Xplorys comes with a wonderful addition to The Original Dooky line! With the Dooky Blanket you can make the overall look of your stroller complete in combination with the Original Dooky and the other Dooky Products. All Dooky blankets are reversible and each plain colour side has a contrasting “design reverse”. These blankets are the only Blankets with the same exact unique look and quality as the Original Dooky and the Dooky Design. 


  Dooky Blanket


The Dooky Blanket is a universal, multi-purpose blanket, made from 100% pure, breathable cotton. Eco-and environmentally friendly manufactured without harmful dyes and formaldehydes.

Dimensions: 70x85cm


Blanket combinaties 


  • Universal & multifunctional blanket, made of 100% pure, breathable cotton

  • Eco-friendly produced – free from harmful AZO-colorants and formaldehydes

  • To match your Original Dooky and Dooky Design

Blanket boxes
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