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The new Baby Banz are equipped with a soft and comfortable nose piece which ensures that the glasses are a little further from the eyelashes. This creates an even better wearing comfort! Protects the eyes of your child and looks Cool High quality lenses-UV 400-meet the highest requirements. Robust design of very strong material. Recommended by the "Optometrist-Association" in Australia. Baby Banz sunglasses are made in accordance with the strict guidelines of Optometrists worldwide. Ideal for the summer-indispensable on wintersports! Don't forget to check out our special Dooky Baby Banz collection.

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Baby Banz and Kidz Banz suitable for:

  • On the beach, they keep Sun and sand from the eyes
  • On the bike, etc., also keeps the wind away from your kids eyes.
  • On the water sailing or other water sports, they also keep splashes away.
  • Winter sports; in the snow UV is even stronger due to the reflection of the snow.

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