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The Dooky Baby Banz are equipped with a soft and comfortable nose piece which ensures that the glasses are a little further from the eyelashes. They also have an adjustable neoprene strap to create an even better wearing comfort! Protects the eyes of your child and looks cool.

The high quality lenses - UV 400- meet the highest requirements. Robust design of very strong material. Recommended by the "Optometrist-Association" in Australia. Dooky Baby Banz sunglasses are made in accordance with the strict guidelines of optometrists worldwide. Ideal for the summer - indispensable on wintersports!

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Dooky Baby Banz are suitable for:

- On the beach, they keep sun and sand from the eyes.
- On the bike to keep the wind away from your kids eyes.
- Water sports such as sailing, to keep splashes away.
- Winter sports, in the snow UV radiation is even stronger due to the reflection of the snow.

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